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Hello! I’m Victor. I'm a Chelsea FC fan and a Nigerian based blogger with a strong love for all good music and wrist watches. 
An 'about me’ section in two 
short sentences is never enough,right?

About-The DoobigPost

Aside from these two, I’m much of a minimalist in general although I have a high taste for interior decorations and I’m a fan of Keifer Sutherland. I am not really a party person. I’ve also been doing all sorts of Facebook posting and social malarkey for years. Writing started off as a means of expression for me while I was growing up, around 9 to be exact.

In my university days, I was doing song writing and screen writing but some pressure got in the way after Uni when I worked as a Team Leader at MTN Online customer assistance centre in 2012 while doing my Masters degree in Plant diversity and environmental Management at the same time.

I came about the nickname Doobig during my National Youth Service year when I read about James ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle of the United States Army Air Corps and I just picked the opposite of his name and since then it has stuck. I like creative writing and enjoy typing out posts on a bit of everything, from politics to governance and fashion to entertainment.

I post one article here at least everyday, mostly before 8am if you fancy an early read to spice up your day and you can then follow up on our emerging news all day as well.

I still have some good years before 40 so I’m eating a lot of red meat and run a few miles at early mornings whenever I can. I dream to quite spend happy evenings with my family in a country home with an 800I driveway in the nearest future. That’s about everything you need to know. Enjoy!

The Do Big Post

TheDoobigPost is not just a blog site, it is a brand; and an infotainment resource platform where elements of life and socio-economic development of humans are showcased.

It is a quick stop for news and information, articles and posts on general human living and their interaction with the environment.

It is a platform to discuss topical issues of livelihood, nationhood, and challenges, for example, terrorism, corruption, unemployment, gender discrimination, etc.

It is also medium for entertainment in a unique and rare form where creative works of people in fashion, style, music and other related works are showcased to the world.

 TheDoobigPost follows trends of everything that happens around the world.

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