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EKITI 2018: A Vote for PDP and APC is a Vote for Serious Hunger and Backwardness, Beware!


In 2014, some of my people were tricked to believe that Mr Ayo Fayose’s return was the best and that he will do even better. Anyway, if his predecessors have done very well, maybe they would have thought differently.

We warned you! I remembered making a lot of posts about the fruitlessness of a Fayose’s return back then. Most of my friends and followers, like many people in the state, in their myopic and non rationalised assessment insisted Fayose had been the best thing for Ekiti. Today, those friends are reeling from under their guilt and ignorance. Those who, in the face of all the daunting evidence of Gov. Fayose’s failure, still hold him to be the best Governor can only be regarded as slaves who loved their very chains, nothing more and they would probably die in it.

A lot of people even called me names then but the name calling would not deter me from giving you, once again this needed word of caution.

If you vote for a returnee Governor or their stooges again in 2018, the same fate will befall you!

APC’s primary election will be between former Governors, their crowned candidates and party stooges. Any vote for PDP or APC is a vote to take us down to a graver slavery. It is a vote to cover a huge loot. Any vote for PDP or APC in Ekiti is a vote to cover a humongous debt. A Vote for PDP and APC is a Vote for Backwardness and Serious Hunger, Beware!

Fayose met a foreign debt of $48,075,639.85 2014 and domestic debt of N30,460,634,167.79, but according to Debt Management Office (DMO) as at December 2016, Ekiti’s foreign debt stood at $56,877,230.80 while domestic debt has risen to N85,049,678,107.89. This borrowing spree started in 2010 towards the end of Segun Oni era and the subsequent governors (Kayode Fayemi and Ayo Fayose) took it to a whole a new level during the oil boom and have continued till date.


With non payment of salaries and no visible economic improvement in the lives of the people, one is convinced the funds must have only been embezzled. The current Government, having pauperise the people, prefers to dole out paltry N200 or N500 and insulting measures of Rice to a people deprived of their rights and dividends in a so-called stomach infrastructure! So clearly, a vote for Fayose’s cronies or PDP is suicidal to the economic recovery of Ekiti people.


Fayose’s aides giving out N200 note to people as part of his stomach infrastructure program


Ekiti people on queue to collect food items from Fayose as part of his stomach infrastructure schemes.

If Fayose could betray the trust of his (the deceived ones) his people. If he could turn out to be wicked and nonchalant about worker’s welfare and development of Ekiti people then you shouldn’t expect anything less from any returnee candidate.

Segun Oni’s second coming or whoever emerged in APC’s primary will be worse. They all plunged us into our current debts and misery. They are all coming back to cover up their misdeeds and that of their friends. They all want to come back and steal more. Don’t be deceived.

I say again, don’t be deceived. Let’s us all go for a new beginning and a new order of leadership in Ekiti.

Iná èsisì éi jó ni lérè mejÌ ooo. ( By interpretation: ‘A wise man should learn by his mistakes‘). With all due respect, Ekiti people will be nothing but fools if they unwittingly vote for any of these returning looters or anyone from their camp.

A new beginning is the only way we can have a fresh start. A new beginning is the only way we can expose the rots and the corruption of our past Governments. A new beginning is what can make them to vomit what they have stolen. A new beginning is what can take us back to the path of prosperity.

Mo wí tèmi túmó bée ò (I have said my own yet again!)

Victor Alade

Publicity Secretary

Independent Democrats, Ekiti.


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