BIAFRA: This Must not be a War!


Apart from other literatures, Festus Iyayi’s ‘Heroes’ is a book that won’t make me ever wish any war for the sake of any secession.

Our brothers from the East must know that they are being manipulated into the war by politicians, businessmen who are trying to have a go at monopoly of power.

The ordinary man from the east would not be consulted about the terms of any proposed war. That decision will be made by the men at the helms whose sons and daughters are far away from the country so that they don’t suffer any harm. Even Nnamdi Kanu himself has a British passport.

You should not yield yourselves as farmers, workers and ordinary citizen to any needless war no matter what marginalization propaganda that is being branded around.

The choice of this war or any other secession has never been for the people to make. It has always been constructed to be made by manipulation of propaganda of our leaders. The reason for this war is simply greed of those in power for more power. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated to think that a war of secession is the right thing.


It is your daughters and sisters that will be raped, and then mutilated and slaughtered. It is your sons and men that will be stripped, shot and beheaded. It is your children that will yet suffer hunger and thirst and diseases. It is the people that get beaten down, blinded, and beaten down.

In the end, the politicians and the manipulators will say ‘it is a great war’ for them because they lose nothing and yet gain everything.

Brothers, the current Biafra secession agitation is not a war. It is an investment in blood and destruction by those at the helm of affairs with the expectation of profit.

Be wise.

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