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I think it was the Late Malam Aminu Kano who said “Nigerian will know no peace until the son of nobody can become somebody, without knowing anybody”.  Whatever the former Member of Parliament has seen for making such a statement is no longer hidden to most Nigerians. Only that he may have imagined that his prophecy will yet tarry for long but here the fulfilment is before our very eyes unfolding.  I think a better way to interpret his statement would be that ‘Nigeria will never attain greatness until the son of nobody becomes somebody.’

Sometimes ago I wrote about ‘discipleship’ as a prescription for the emergence of true leaders that Nigeria and Africa at large needed, and desperately so, to recall our countrymen to their true and dignified way of living and especially to bring them to a realization that their destiny is solely to prosper. You can refer to the full story here http://wp.me/p8vjJM-Oj

Most of the men that currently parade the corridors of power in our country in the recent times as we all know are men of boldly corrupt stature. You can count, considerably on your fingers the ones that have not come to position through an inherited or composite principality. The ones that did not benefit from a largess of a ruling ancestor have done so through the crowning of a godfather. There is still at large the challenge of a man rising to power solely through the will of the people.

The beneficiaries of the prospects of our commonwealth were by no means prepared for the task of nation building. Neither did they intend to form themselves, through cultivation and demonstration of princely habits, into desirable and respectable statesmen. Most men tossed with fortune on the platter of inheritance or association often see the opportunity as a right rather than a responsibility and so never gave it the necessary form, without which such opportunity have come in vain.

The acts of the men in our National Assembly are the most ignoble; its recent throw-out of a bid to restructure Nigeria into a decentralized government shows our lawmaker’s insensitivity to the prevailing doom that is faced with our country at this time when different ethnic groups, genuinely or otherwise are agitating for separation into their own republics.

But the story is about to change now and the tables have begun to turn. The reason, not only because times have changed and circumstances can no longer favour the boldly corrupt style of actions to which extent our politicians have failed, is that our leaders never thought of adopting and training successors who could be relied on to govern wisely. They even lacked wisdom, just like Marcus Aurelius, the roman emperor during his life failed to train his son, Commodus on how to govern the people. Commodus proved to be ineffective and the empire was torn by civil strife.

This same doom has already befriended our bad leaders; Karma is already romancing their children. Since their children lacked adequate training and have been raised by blood money, their interests have been focused on careers of the mundane. They would rather become DJs or Jesters, or comedians and Nollywood artists rather than learn the crafts of statesmanship; their interests rest on taking selfies and clubbing rather than thinking to be approved of ideas that could move forward the country whose benefits their foreign education was invested with.  Those professions in their right are worthy professions and we have distinguished individuals who are doing the country proud. You would just have thought that our leaders will beget and produce for the country children worthy of princely behaviour and decency. Instead what they have are children who they have trained in the art of money laundering, helping them to cart away our resources. Alas, a bad tree cannot produce a good seed!

To this end, vacancies and opportunities have been opened in our seat of government. The current occupiers are lacking of successors that could be relied on to govern wisely. However, only those with the benefit of hindsight can appreciate this current reality and take an advantage of it.

The Nigerian political situation is of a complex one and as such the possibility of a fresh and new crop of young leaders in power may pose a daunting task. But we must know that the opportunity to lead is not for the feeble, cowardly and the hesitant. The bold would succeed better than the hesitant.

It is the attempt to do what we otherwise think that we cannot, that brings the hero in us. Nigeria is calling for those heroes who will rescue her from the hand of her polluters. Young people must not only continue to banter and make impassioned arguments on Facebook and the social but must now take active interest in taking back their country. It is time for us to get involved in politics, if not only because most of our current leaders are now bereft of applicable ideas to our development, but because we cannot simply continue to let it be so.

The Not-too-young-to-run bill that was approved by NASS has been counter faulted by the high cost of political aspirations in the country. Many have argued that not many young people could afford running for any election, leaving the opportunity, unfortunately, only in the hands of the children of the politicians. This is not entirely the truth in the actual fact. Like I said, times have changed and never has self awareness been this high among youths since our existence as a country. The result of the last presidential election and subsequent ones are pointers that power truly resides in the hands of the people in a democracy. This is our advantage. We already know that their children cannot be relied upon to govern wisely.

“…But we must know that the opportunity to lead is not for the feeble, cowardly and the hesitant. The bold would succeed better than the hesitant.”

We have many young people in every corner of the country with ideas that can foster our unity rather than division, people with new ways of doing things that can push us into a fast track of development in technological advancement and most importantly people with commitment to restore to our countrymen dignity and deserved prosperity as a people.

There is but one man in the country who can extricate it from difficulties, and that man is YOU! Offer yourself for that vacant political post!

And now is the prophecy fulfilled. Now is vacancy for the common man in all our seats of power. However, you will need to demonstrate your intention before the people who are eagerly waiting to approve your occupancy.


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