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Many young people by now already know that our political systems are not working rightly under our current leaders both in the right and the left party. The appearance is visible in our socio-economic life which is dwindling daily.

This deprivation and suffering is not supposed to be. The plan of God for all men is to prosper and flourish, you must know that. And it is only when the righteous rules that the people can flourish.


It is people that suffer people; so likewise it is people that will extricate people from suffering. God will not come directly to do things that we must do on our own.

You and I already know that something must be done. The question is, what and how can it be done?

These questions and other developmental concerns will not be answered and approved only on the pages of Facebook and/or other social media. The development we so much desire will not come to us simply because we have wished it. We must take an action.

There is no better time than now in our journey as a nation when young men and women should come together to rescue ourselves and our coming children from the hands of polluters who have bedevilled our nation with penury and oppression.

Will you continue to say that ‘it is impossible, ‘nothing can work in Nigeria’, ‘Nigeria can never be better’ when all you have ever done is to remain passive about the grip of your chains?

Yes we know that something must be done but only the realization is not enough!

Some young men and women have done very good works and made frantic efforts geared in the direction to emancipate the rest of us from our slavery. They, like many of you have noticed the oppression of our politicians and their sheer no-good disposition.

These men came together and formed a platform with which you and I can all come to the table to provide new-age solutions to our leadership and political defaults. Rather than complaining and banter on pages of social media, they formed a political party (INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS) from their very meagre resources with the sole aim of providing a better life for all.

I know many of you are tired of APC and PDP and other parties that are nothing but appendages of these two, just like I have given up on them for having no resilience in extricating our people from hardship. If you look critically at the actions of our current politicians, you will know that it is almost their interest to make the people (you and I) miserable and unhappy. Shall we so continue to allow them?

Young men and women of Nigeria who are desirous of a prosperous life and better living are urged to join all the good efforts of revolutionaries that are trying to channel ways of repositioning our socio-political life along the new-age realities. Remember,’ most of the current politicians are stuck with the old manual’.

The INDEPENEDENT DEMOCRATS party; It is a party formed by young persons (Youths) for the good of all. It is a party that is based on the cardinals of Unity and Progress. The party is already registered at the National level with INEC and having few state branches; already Ekiti State chapter has a consensus candidate for the governorship election in 2018.

The candidate, Tosin Ajibare (GOLD) was given the mandate to run by the Joint Council of Ekiti Youth (JCEY) which is the leading body for all youth in the state. Having seen that Tosin has the characters befitting of a new-age leader with competence, serious mindedness, and resilience and most importantly empathy, he has been given the go. All like minded young men and women are already thronging him with their support.

Thus, the problem of platform is no longer a problem for all Nigerian youths who are tired of the current situation and are desirous of bringing to bear a true change. You and I, as young men and women now have a platform to show our immense potentials and to contribute them towards making the platform the one to challenge and rescue us from the hold of political parties who have taken us as prey for all these while.

You have a role to play in extricating this country from prevailing problems and you can only do that if only you take needed action. The first step towards achieving the aim is to a progressive movement like ours.

Young men and women to join, likewise all senior citizens, old men and women, many of who are already tired of the prevailing tyranny of our leaders are welcome. Together we can bring the deserved prosperity to our people. ‘We youths must live and not just exist, our parents must also enjoy and not endure life!

Independent Democrats party emblem is a tap water which signifies new life. The saying goes that ‘whoever gives water, gives life. This is our ideology; Life is what we are bound to extend to both majority and minority of our dear state, Ekiti and also our nation Nigeria at large.

Please join us and bring in your ideas, concepts, thoughts and good spirit to this movement that is set to make a difference.

For Indigenes of Ekiti, you can obtain your membership card at the party secretariat at 210, Agric Olope Junction, Ajilosun street, Ado Ekiti. For more enquiries, contact 08064682356, 08030616878

A new world is not only possible, she is here already, on a quiet dayi can hear her breathing…” -Tosin Ajibare (GOLD)

#IndependentDemocrats! #Unity4Progress!
#Correct Party_Correct People!!


** VICTOR DOOBIG is available for speaking engagements at conferences, schools and seminars and TV shows, especially to young people in areas of Leadership, life goals as well as issue related to general human development. HE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT ACHIEVEMENT OF A RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP AND CITIZEN-WELFARE BASED GOVERNANCE WITHIN THE NIGERIAN POLITY. He can be reached via http://facebook.com/victordoobig or Whatsapp (08032231532).


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