Tosin Ajibare (GOLD)

Dear Ekiti People,

Permit me to expose your eyes to expose our eyes to some obscure truth.

Few people knew Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti before he came to power on the goodwill of one common Ph.D and help of friends from Lagos. Nobody knew Ayo Fayose in Ekiti until he was bankrolled from Ota and he started hawking some cheap Water in tanks on the streets of Ado. Little was known about Segun Oni before he became Governor through the tyranny of federal power. Even their grandfather, ‘Niyi Adebayo had no grassroot pedigree but safely rode to power on the grace of his late father.

All these people had little or no prior endemic structural contribution to our state and yet we voted them to power. They have not even been smart as they have made us to think. Worst for it, they have not really done much for us in return except that they have served poverty and frustration to us all. Shall we continue to install them?

If a person have been given an opportunity to lead a people, to prosper them but by choice have served and festered misery on a plate for them and their children yet unborn, what gut does he have to even seek for another chance?

Ekiti Kete o! We are calling on you Fathers, Mothers, young men and women of our dear state. Let’s try a new beginning. APC has failed us in our state. PDP has also woefully failed. Left and right we have fiercely been raped of our dignity and well being. We cannot look up to these people or any of their members to do us an overall good anymore.

‘A new wine must be poured in a new bottle’, a new wine in an old bottle spells a doom of infection likewise an old wine in a new bottle will suffer a doom of collapse.’ If we must forge ahead, we need a whole new, sincere and focused structure. This realization was what led to the birth of a ‘new beginning‘ agenda i want to
introduce to you with a promise of ‘better life’ for all. It is an agenda that believes that ‘our fathers and mothers must enjoy and not endure; and that our youth must live and not just exist.’

This agenda is of the INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS party. ….The INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS is a party formed by young persons (Youths) for the good of all. It is a party that is based on the cardinals of Unity and Progress. We are already registered at the National level with INEC and having few state branches. Already Ekiti State chapter has a consensus candidate for the governorship election in 2018.

The candidate, Tosin Ajibare (GOLD), 35 year old was given the mandate to run by the Joint Council of Ekiti Youth (JCEY) which is the leading body for all youth in the state. Having seen that Tosin has the characters befitting of a new-age leader with competence, serious mindedness, and resilience, he has been given the go. All like minded young men and women have since been thronging him with their support.

You can come to the state party secretariat at Adkins House, Agric Olope Junction, Ado Ekiti for more information and registration.

If truly your allegiance lie with the overall good of the people and our general well-being then I think there is no better time for you to join a progressive like this so that we can collectively oust bad governance in our state and install a new order of prosperity for you and me.

This is an appeal to everyone, except if somehow you are convenient or think you are destined to continue to live under the bondage of our current leaders as it is hitherto. If not, then join our party to create a new order of responsible leadership and good governance.

‘He that must join us must believe that a greater EKITI (and NIGERIA) is possible, and that through sincere commitment to her we may all receive the goodness of the land.’


Independent Democrats! Unity4Progress!!
Correct Party! Correct People!!

#TosinAjibare (Gold)

Victor Doobig
Public Secretary
Ekiti State.

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    December 4, 2017 at 4:54 am

    Good write up, its high time we change the change that refuse to change…. kudos to you Victor

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