Reasons Why A Slay Queen is the Most Ideal For You


In case you have an otherwise cheap opinion about Slay queens then you should first read my last piece on SLAY QUEENS: LOOKING GOOD FOR THEMSELVES. There i said a slay queen is someone who can sway any given person by stating their own opinion without trying to please anybody. You don’t fcuk with them because like we say here, they will give you your size! When you call a lady a slay queen, in addition to the qualities mentioned, you are referring to a girl with brains and not the one necessarily with heavy make-up on. She is the type of girl that dresses well and turns the heads of onlookers both male and female.

Now i am going to show you qualities of a slay queen that makes her ideal as a good marriage partner.

She has nothing to hide.

Being able to completely walk around in a Bikini or short dresses in public is a non-hideous sign of being comfortable in your skin and points to the fact that you are in love with your body. If you are in love with your body, you will definitely be comfortable to relax with your partner and not feel awkward or shy. Do I need to tell you that that is going to make the bed frequent to visit?


She’s likely available for a relationship than ‘normal’ Ladies

The truth is that she’s not getting patronage than the ‘normally’ dressed ladies, if not even lesser. Most men only like to objectify and slander slay queens and that’s mostly because they cannot have her, few men who are confident ask them out for a relationship. So the odds are much more in your favour than seeking out other regular ladies. Regular ladies are always disturbed by all and sundry!


She’s occupying a “do not come close” Space

Slay queens are only available to some certain kind of guys. Don’t even think I’m referring to the rich guys, yes slay queens use good stuffs and are attracted to guys who do the same but most importantly they are attracted to guys who are confident. Slay queens know how to dress with intimidation as a strategy to edge out fake ass, lily livered and non-confident guys. That’s mostly their motive. That means she’s got confidence herself and you know a lady who has got confidence will definitely be a sociable one.

She has more Time for herself and you

A Slay queen is not mostly disturbed by ‘all and sundry’ men. Because her patronage is few and directed, she has more time for the man with her mumu button. She doesn’t have to be on call with many different guys to prevent her from concentrating on your dates; she doesn’t have random guys showing up at her doorstep unannounced. She has time to attend to what matters most to her, her work and relationship.

She’s mostly an envy of others

When a lady is envied, it means she’s got some value in her. Many Ladies are jealous of a Slay queen because of the confidence she radiates, and some men are unnecessarily angry because of an involuntary hard-ons she gives whenever she passes by. Whatever the reason, they beef her.


Don’t be surprised she may still even be a Virgin

In my short adult life of 14 years I have met more than 3 slay queens who married as a virgin and all along the time they were slaying, many guys think they were loose girls. The recent one was the most shocking to me. After a colleague at work have bragged about sleeping with one of the most beautiful slay queens I have ever seen in my entire life, was the truth came out when the lady was introduced to a mutual friend of mine, a Londoner. It was a shocker when my friend broke the news of her virginity, they are married now. I had to challenge the guy at my office and he began to stutter, rubbish!


It is not true that slay queens are loose nor are they “ashawo”, but for every “ashawo” there is a slay queen. So you have to be really smart to spot the difference.

Many Ladies want to be a slay queen; they want to be like her but they can’t because they are afraid of what people will say, their parents, friends, colleagues and church members determine what they put on. That’s what slay queens don’t do. They wear things because they feel good and comfortable in it.

Many young guys want to have her but they can’t man up to talk to her because they lacked needed confidence

Many married men abuse her for her dressing in the presence of their wives because they wished they were once again single so they can have her. Some of them still go behind their wives’ back to ask her out. The ones that cannot secretly ask her out and cannot seem to shake her off the brain between their legs she gives regular hard-ons at the thought of her-hypocrites!

Let me tell you somfin you may not know, many of these ladies that dress gorgeously are very reserved and chaster than your regular ladies in church or mosque. The ‘normal’ ladies are for everybody, the slay queens are for guys with class!

So if you’ve got class, wouldn’t you rather go for the slay queens?

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