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Ekiti People deserve better than Fayose, Fayemi and these Men!


If you have been given an opportunity to lead a people, to prosper them but by choice you have served and festered misery on a plate for them and their children yet unborn, what gut do you have to even seek for another chance or ask them to follow your lead?

I remembered that when Ekiti State was created on 1st October 1996, it was with all joy, excitement and hope of a rapid development that the people received the news of the creation, the joy of freedom was so vivid in the air.  We rolled out drums and we danced to the rhythm of lucid hopes. In the midst of the euphoria was also a somewhat mischievous relief for separating from our parent state-Ondo who immediately gave us but a seamless release.

Fast forward to 21 years after our independence as a state, only little has been done when it comes to meaningful development. The state from which we were happy to have emerged from has gone over the lost territories and has unarguably fared better and developed institutions and infrastructures we can only dream about in the years to come.

The reason for this backwardness is nothing but leadership gaps since the creation of the state. Ekiti has not been lucky to be steered by a total leader. It’s either we have men with good intentions who lacked firm grip and political acumen, or a ruthless, know-all and be-all tyrant who would later come again as a messiah that he never had been, and then another dubbed to be slow but intelligent that later got power drunk and got distant to the people, and then the penultimate one whom many grassroots perceived to be too sophisticated and was relieved by the incumbent who knew more about politicking than governance, just like his first coming.


In the middle of all these have been constitutional crisis, leading to needless state of emergencies that punctuated the leadership of the state with a sole Administrator and long political battles that made actual governance suffer in the state.

In total, these men have been able to do only but a little which has been in no way commensurate with the immense trust and responsibility handed them by the people.

The joy and the hopes of 1996 have now been shattered into pieces and disappeared into thin air. In the years past, Ekiti has always been at the forefront of education in Nigeria with a boast of many professors in every household.

Without any modicum of reservation, I want to tell the world unequivocally that the boast of a penchant for education in our dear state is now only but a past glory; what we have now are touts and thugs and many angry people. At least, there are as many numbers of learned people in the state now as the number of illiterates and hoodlums. And you may wonder what that has to do with the men who have ruled us.

The decadence in education, civil and responsible living as well as offsets of thuggery, robbery and violence has everything to do with the kind of leadership Ekiti have been cursed with! The situation was not like this before. I have lived my entire life in Ekiti until 5 years ago when I do frequently visit, and not being more than 100km away, I can’t say I’ve really left.

During the 2015 general elections, I was in my home town, Iyin to vote as usual of me during every elections and the polling unit was right in front of my house. It was the same town where I had my primary education and because after then I have never been far away from home, I’m very familiar with my age groups and some of them are still buddies.

Now the shocking thing is that majority of them are already sold to thuggery, battering opponents and violence, not only during elections but even in their domestic and communal living. Many of them looked twice older than my age and rugged, some with bruises so deep you wonder if it’s from farming or from fisticuffs. Some of them are graduates but the plague of unemployment has rubbed them of their shine, many of them also artisans, Okada riders or farmers who ordinarily should earn a decent living from their jobs; but for the economic holocaust that our leaders have recurrently plagued us with, a decent living for these women and men have become only a mirage.

The old men on the other hand looked delicately fragile, many of them pensioners who have now resulted to farming. Even though they still commanded good spoken English, the suffering from non payment of gratuities and pensions for these senior citizens makes them look like a caricature of their real self.

Every day you hear about robbery, stealing, kidnapping and all sorts in many towns of Ekiti. These are tendencies that were unheard of and despicable ab initio. These criminal tendencies are not only peculiar to any singular town, they are now vices common to every nook and crannies of Ekiti and this un-virtue was deliberately forced on the people by the type of leaders we have chosen over the years.

The other time when I’d just alighted from the bus in Ado Ekiti, I waved to the very first Taxi to take me to my destination. I told the driver I am going to “Assumpta”; I mean everybody calls locations to taxi drivers in mostly short and popular phrases since they are always on the go. It was so surprising and debilitating to me that this driver started raining abuses on me because I didn’t call my location in full as “Mary Assumpta”. While I promptly recognised his frustrations, I began to observe everyone on the streets of Ado Ekiti for that week and I realised there was angst everywhere, just like in the country as a whole.

I realised that the continual efforts by people daily towards achieving their hopes, dreams and aspirations which sadly have not met the end has resulted into exasperations and disappointments. Market men and women are reeling from economic hardship, handful months of salaries unpaid to teachers and civil servants, artisans, taxi drivers, okada riders, and the rest are not getting the right patronage and so there is anger everywhere! My people are wearied because their goals are being thwarted and desires unfulfilled despite their ‘igbiyanju’.

A hungry people are an angry people. When will these politicians realize they are the reasons for the violence in the country?

Many people have always argued that there has been development in Ekiti that is worthwhile considering the many phases of leadership that the state has gone through. These arguments have mostly been biased as they have been premised on support of one government or the other as suited to the proponents without any actual measure of such developments against time and any neutral standards. Our measure of development has always been in relation to a previous administration or activities of a previous occupant of the Government house, not in relation to any developmental template for the state, if there is any; upon which we can take actual measure of our growth and development. This is sad!

2018 is around the corner and already political jobbers in Ekiti are already onto their usual and forayed appeal to the electorate.

Unlike before when electorates look forward to hopes and promises of a manifesto, now and sadly, the electorates have been reduced to hunger-stricken, poverty-ridden and hopeless-laden citizens by which means the past leaders have psychologically deprived us. Being cold-stricken for so long a time by the past leaders of our State, the only thing that most of the unsuspecting people want to crave for is the crumbs that will once again be thrown around during the campaigns so that we can sell our future to these mindless opportunists again.

That is how they want us to think, they want us to think that we are nothing without them, that we need to serve them; that we need to pray unto them before we receive what is rightfully our citizen’s right. And that is why they have suffered us. That is why they refused to pay salaries. That is why they refused to pay pensions. That is why they refused to provide developmental infrastructures. That is why they didn’t create more jobs. That is why they do whatever they did. That is their motivation.

“Suffer them for a time, strip them of their dignity, impoverish them in their labour and they will crawl back when we give them some carrots-a food of their discomfort.” That is their sworn creed.

But this is not who we are. This is not who we are as Nigerians. This is not who we are in Ekiti. Our eyes are open and for those who still parade these politicians as thin gods that cannot be faulted, for the good of all of us you need to wise up and stop eating their food of discomfort.


Why is the incumbent Governor, Fayose always bent on embarking on white elephant projects at the detriment of the well being of his people? His often excuse for not paying salaries and alleviating the sufferings of our people, which were hitherto part of problems for which he was not unknown to be complicit, is that there is paucity of funds as a result of those projects. Instead of him to find a sustainable way to bring lasting solutions and development, right his previous wrongs and those of his predecessors, all he does is blow unnecessary whistle and meddle in another man’s business while leaving his own domestic responsibilities to lie fallow.

A man that is more concerned about how he is perceived by his friend’s wife  and not what he’s known for in his own yard is not a man to be trusted. It is fool hardy to continue to entrust such a man with managing of one’s destiny as a responsibility.

Look around him and see the calibre of people he is working with, the kind of lawmakers he had wilfully installed and favoured in a house filled with all and sundry that doesn’t know their left hands from their rights. Are these really the kinds of people we think can take us out of the misery of wanton poverty they have altogether put us into?

Fayose cannot lead and we follow in 2018! Let’s change the narrative for his recent campaign machinery for him pronto!

Of course He is not the only bigwig that has a keen interest in who succeeds him after all. The immediate past Governor, Kayode Fayemi who is now a minister of Mineral resources is also jostling to return to the Ayoba Government House, some kind of unfinished business that was credited to him to have. One cannot but think that the Minister probably has not been able to come to terms with the fact that his tenancy at the hill top house he built with tax payer’s money during his tenure was short-lived and he desperately wants to return to inhabit it and reclaim his landlordship. The Oke Ayoba house was another example of a white elephant project that was completed while the workers suffered.

Fayemi attempted to be the kind of leader the people wanted and by far he was on the cusp of giving a meaningful direction to what leadership in Ekiti should be until he derailed by failing to identify with the needs and yearnings of the people. It’s true that a wholesome development and change for better in any given situation may sometimes require a complete shut down or overhaul of such. A wise leader however, plans soothing palliatives that can adequately mitigate the attendant effects of such rebuilding.

The genesis of his problem was the Civil service accreditation exam or exercise where he berated teachers and civil servants who failed the exercise with step downs in their Grade levels. I wonder what if Fayemi had embarked on the same Teacher’s accreditation but at the same time approved the 27% allowance on Teacher’s Salary Scale (TSS) being clamoured by the workers at the period.

This to me would have solved the problem. The workers that failed the exercise would have shamefully conceded their weaknesses, whatever grouse or noise they may want to make about the exercise would have been muffled by their counterparts who are now receiving enhanced allowances after passing the exams. The question would have been ‘why didn’t you pass the exam?’ and the whole exercise would have achieved its set objective to drive quality among teachers and civil servants.

Fayemi could have decided afterwards to make the appraisal exercise an annual one and you will be surprised that all the state workers will start to climb a new quality and productivity ladder. Everyone will take their job seriously because there is something to loose and gain at the end of the day. Punishment and compensations are the two implements of an appraisal, you can’t appraise people only to scold the deterrents without compensating the champions, you will only be creating a chaos and that’s exactly what led to Fayemi’s eventual failure amongst other key decisions he unmade.

The rest of the mix jostling ahead of the 2018 elections, which the last time I checked were up to 50 aspirants waiting for party primaries to clinch the gubernatorial nomination, are simply jobbers; not even political jobbers. The truth is that many of them are jobless like many of the graduates all over the state; they are merely seeking employment in the sovereignty of political offices.

Look at Former Governor Segun Oni, what is he doing again in the race? Is governance a similitude of a JSCE where if you fail that you can re-sit? Somebody just feels his voice is not really loud across the wide parlours of a national party and then wants to come back to the corridors of power in Ekiti. Such politicians that are always keen on being recycled, to me are failures! If you have been given an opportunity to lead a people, to prosper them but by choice you have served and festered misery on a plate for them and their children yet unborn, what gut do you have to even seek for another chance?

These people take us for nothing and that’s why we should never allow any recycled politicians to come rule us again. The current leadership we are dealing with is a mere group of 50 years and above aged men playing nakedly under the moonlight. The least we can do is not to go back to our vomit if we are ever going to move forward as a people in Ekiti.

Truthfully, there is no better time than 2018 for Ekiti people to elect a leader that will pioneer a lasting development for the future. The future is in the forward, that’s why we cannot afford to look back lest we finally turn a pillar of salt. It’s only our today’s decision that can guarantee the glorious future that we all look forward to.

If you are getting old you will most probably entrust the rest of your days and properties to your wise child because he still have much time on his hand to continue your good works. Such wise child will ensure your needs are met and because he’s a wise child he will cultivate the company of the wise to ensure that your estate which you have built in your youth will not be brought to ruins. Above all, you are rest assured that when you have gone to meet your fathers, such a wise child will pass down your counsel down to your generations to come.

What we need in 2018 for Ekiti is a wise leader. And a wise leader is simply a woman or man that has character, competence and more importantly empathy. These are the three implements of a leader we should follow and elect in Ekiti.

We don’t need recycled politicians, what we need is freshness, what we need is a leader with empathy, what we need is a leader with compassion, what we need is a leader who is young and accountable, a leader who genuinely identifies with the people, a leader that will not run to the comfort of their US or UK homes when political calculations are not favourable only to return when another period of election beckons, that is not what is called Bibiire- that is shenanigan, that is trickery, that is deceitful, that is an underhand display of high spirits, such acts of a perceived leader is shameful; we don’t want that as a people.

The future of Ekiti is now, and much of the effort to salvage her from depravity is in the hands of the youth.

If we fail to act now we will also lick our wound together in the days of our grey hairs.

If our dream of a decent and prosperous living is to be realised and sustained then the youths must take up leadership positions now. It is time to chase these old banter-bearing and sleeping crops of politicians away.

Remember my narrative of the wise child bequeathed of estates by his dying father.

“For Ekiti to have a continuous, meaningful and sustainable development we need to entrust our votes to younger, wise candidates who have character and empathy.


If a leader has character and empathy, the people prosper; for all his decisions and judgement will be motivated by them.”

In an online address to youths, Comrade Sikiru Olowoyo referred to youths all over the world to be people brim with ideas and who are always ready not only to be part of history but to make history. “On their credit sides are vitality, unbridled desire to change the world as new drivers. They attuned to new instruments of change and can move at a faster pace in our present digital world.

Today’s youth are not just people who can change the world; they are the ones changing it. While the elders should serve as the motivators, youths are truly on the global driving seat. With psychological strains, biological pressures, physiological depression, slowness to move with unfamiliar innovations and many other factors, the world progress is intertwined with the quality of its youth.”

We must start to grapple with the exciting opportunities that come with youthful age and use it to the fullest advantage. Most of those taking leadership positions today are “retired people” who also have contributed at their prime. But things are different now, pick any of these old politicians and analyse their judgement or decisions in the last 12 years, you will clearly see that they have reversed in their achievements as well as their zeal and motivations, laws of diminishing returns are a natural law.

Let us support the youth revolution.


He is also a member of the Media Team for Independent Democrat’s candidate Tosin Ajibare






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