MMM: Come and See How People Are Getting Help From Their 2016 Mavros



I have 2.3mil in my account in the system

I tried to GH it and it refused

You told me that you know a guy who helps people GH 16k (but the guy collects the 5k service charge for every 15k)

I got interested because say I don turn mumu for your eyes.

You asked me to send you my login details for you to help me GH the 16k which I gullibly did

Now to GH 16k – 5k (service Fee) = 11k at the end

I sent you the 5k and waited for the 16k to land in my bank account which never showed


I tried to reach you on phone and you kept giving me hope

I then relaxed and waited patiently

Meanwhile my login details are still with you


I woke up one morning to check my PO

I tried logging in and it showed me ‘incorrect email or password’

I tried again severally and it continued showing me incorrect email or password

I wondered what happened

This is the same email and password I have always used to login to my PO

I had to ransack my house for the piece of paper where I wrote my login details when I created my account newly


I later found it and was happy I found it

I looked at it and it all looked the same with the one I have been entering

For benefit of doubt I decided to enter it directly from the paper

I entered the characters one character at a time with slow motion

I was so happy finally I will get it this time


There and then I happily pressed the enter key and waited for my dashboard to hit my face

Lo and behold it all happened again

The message was stack naked looking at me from my laptop screen

‘Incorrect Email Or Password’


I shouted!

I even almost fainted

Then I remembered I gave you my login details to GH 16k for me


I called you to ask if you changed my password and you bounced the call on me

I tried to chat you on WhatsApp and you blocked me

I sent you message on SMS and you ignored me

I got confused as to what just happened

Then the reality hit me straight to my face

It all dawned on me there and then

I have just been scammed of my 5k and at the same time, my account that I have up to 2.3mill has been hijacked too


I felt like fainting

Next I saw myself  nearing the third mainland bridge after our car broke down and I decided to step down to stretch my leg

Suddenly someone pulled me back forcefully from behind

And then an alert woke me up
My mouth was filled with praises, i am still alive, it was all a dream


If you know what is good for you, don’t let this become a reality in your life.

You might not be lucky enough to have someone pull you back from the bridge

Safeguard your login details and never give them out to anyone you don’t trust to GH for you

Don’t be penny wise pound foolish by trying to GH 16k and in the process loose 2.3mill or there about depending on what you have in the system.


I don talk my own finish

If you like, hear. If you no like, no hear

💁🏽‍💁🏽💁🏽‍💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽 I have said my own


Culled from a Whatsapp user.

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