An Open Letter To Ekiti State Electorates- Joint Council of Ekiti Youths



Èkìtì Kete ò,


A kíi yin, E kú isé, E kú akitiyan, E kú ìrójú. We salute your efforts, and doggedness in times like this. We your children know your pains and your troubles, sé ti salary tí ò tó ná la fé so ni àbí tàì san dédé, àbí ti economy tó dojúrú, tí gbogbo nkan wá wón bí ojú, gbogbo è á tó dópin lágbára Olórun.


We your children have taken a step to end this recurrent wickedness permanently and by God, good times are coming your way soonest, but we need your support and prayers.


As you already know, government is a major catalyst to nation building. Also, politics play an integral part in our life and you already know the character of our politicians, you know how they come around with their propaganda and ill-gotten wealth, promising heaven and earth and pretending as if they truly love the masses but once they get there they embark on their usual looting and stealing.


They only pay lip service to the welfare of the people, for them, to pay salaries is a taboo, even after 35years of active service as a civil servant, to pay gratuity to retirees is an impossibility. And, they still go ahead to owe pensions whereas their own salaries, allowances and, security votes are not owed nor reduced, as a matter of fact, it keep increasing. What wickedness?


You know the number of graduates you have trained through school only for them to be thrown back at you for feeding, clothing and maintenance; you know how you have to even help with the grandchildren school fees. You know how many of us are underemployed, moving from one odd job to the other. Ojó wo la fé seléèyí dà?


We cannot continue to fold our hands while our lives waste away, if anything at all, history has taught us they would never change. We the Joint Council of Ekiti youths have decided not to be used as tools and toys for politicians anymore, rather, to be the decisive force that will stand on truth and selflessness to usher in a new era of qualitative and Godly leadership.


Also, we cannot continue to do things the same way and expect a different result. We must unanimously and collectively shun looking forward to stipends of poverty which these politicians bring around all the time to buy us, our conscience and our votes.


The “dibo ko sebe” style which keeps leaving us in perpetual poverty must be rejected totally at least to get rid of poverty once and for all. Finally, to all our youths, we are better than political thugs and mere messengers. Remember, their children are based overseas, established with a ‘good’ future in view: “omolomo la n ran nise de torutoru”.


As you know, a product of corruption cannot cure corruption, evil cannot kill evil, it will only multiply it. What this state and her people need is a fresh uncorrupted and intelligent young person who knows the problem facing this State and has the strength of character needed to tackle it, without condescending to greed or personal gain.


We need a leader who truly loves the people, a leader who is equipped for the present situation and prepared for the future. We need a truly divine resource for Ekiti. We need Tosin Emmanuel Ajibare for Ekiti, he is the Pride of We youths and Ekiti as a whole.


This is the youth revolution, to usher in a new Era of excellence, growth and true development. This is a divine agenda, an agenda of reform. It is time to break the chains of the oppressors. It’s time for new beginnings. We are not preaching PDP or APC, It’s time to do away with both and usher in new breed of leaders.


Thank you all!

Ekiti a gbe a oooo!







(Joint Council Of Ekiti Youths)

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  • Reply
    March 23, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    This is wonderful, full support given.

  • Reply
    March 23, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    I plug my allegiance to this course…..
    Enough of PANDA… let’s GO4GOLD come 2018

  • Reply
    Adeleye Temitope
    March 24, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Full support

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